Beach wedding decorations Ideas

Roar of surf crashing into rocks, waves coming high and low, sea breeze blowing, view gigantic, the ball of fire about to be engulfed by the water beneath, perfect time and place to be wedded for sure, with spells of romance cast all around.

But one wants more and more, the above mentioned make a wedding dreamlike, but what will make it completely out of the world?

Are they messages in a bottle style invitation or beautiful sand castle table centerpieces, tabletop bamboo torches or miniature nautical lanterns? Yes some of them, to add the toppings in the already die-for idea of one’s wedding. As little details are that, which fill in the colors, or drop a picture out of them.

Dressing is the foremost part of a theme wedding. Usually people opt dressing in white on beach dressing, make something different this time. Dress the bridegroom and bride in sea green attires with pink jewels added to bride. Dress the bridesmaids into mermaids, and rest of the people in white and pink: white for gents, pink for ladies.

Have sea castles as centre pieces; make reception out of sunflowers or bamboo leaves. A better idea could be fishing hooks and net. Statues of mermaids and under water species, standing on the reception will be an addition.

Theme-weddings on beach can be a good idea, because one can use sea for his advantage. Beach related fantasy stories can be used for good. For example, who can forget a chocolate-coffee wedding cake made out in a little castle form, with bride and bridegroom dressed in Cinderella and her prince? And to top it off you find in the background a framed castle, in which after fitting the sandal in, one can see bride and bridegroom walking into.

“I Dream of Jennie” beach wedding theme can outclass all, if used properly. Decorate with attractive, colorful bottles in the sand like the one she was found in; a bride dressed in Jennie, and bridegroom as Aladdin (a bit modernized for sure). And at the end of the day, bride and bridegroom can certainly disappear in a cloud of smoke!

A lot more can be done, with little variations of cake, background, dresses etc. Sea shells can be used in different creative ways too. Hope your wedding day turns out a free of tension one.

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