Wedding Showers

Wedding ShowersWhen a new couple is going to start a new chapter of life it should be full of enjoyments and entertainments. To make the celebration eternal and everlasting, couple makes some activities before wedding which are very much surprising. Everybody knew that these parties have a purpose. For brides these parties are an occasion for getting together with her friends and family members to play funny games and to enjoy with delicious food and drink. Actually these parties are called shower, where you shower the bride and groom with gifts and well wishes.

Who host the shower?

There is not anyone bound for the shower party in particular, families from both the sides take part in it and arrange it together.

The party should be well planned and arranged in advance, so everybody likes to consult with the bride. Usually the couple wishes to arrange it in a vast garden or house and the best day they select is Sunday at brunch time with wine and delicious edibles.

When to have your party?

As we know every body is busy and has not so much time for the parties, so the couple tries to set it on holidays. Out of 10, 9 brides are employed, so it is compulsory to set the time and date after consulting her.  After all a weekend is most suitable time.

Who to invite?

The shower party should not be expensive, because it is arrange before 6 weeks of the wedding. So don’t give an extra load on your pocket. Invite your close friends and relatives up to 20 that will be enough to celebrate it enjoyably.

What’s your Theme?

Like every event there should be a theme for your shower party and wedding. You may use this theme from 1st day to last for invitations, decorations and refreshments.

For shower parties there are dozens of topics, but the most likeable is “kitchen” theme. As you know there is an innumerable piece of accessories that may be purchased for the kitchen.

One good choice for a shower party is a wine tasting theme. This is best for any Saturday night   and surely the men enjoy this one and easily take part in it.

Food, favors and games

If you are feeling any complication, then remember your theme, if it is “wine tasting” then a finger buffet with crackers, nuts and other edible will be a proper choice with wine. Finger food like crackers, fresh fruit, cream puffs, bacon, egg and salads will be better for a garden shower party.


Some people are not in favor of shower parties, depends upon the tradition and the locality, so they like the idea of scented candle, which is not expensive.


The games set in the shower parties has only a single reason that they want to gather on one place. Actually every guest get introduction with the others. Everyone may be invited in the shower games. Shower party games can include bridal shower bingo as this is a big hit. Small and interesting questions about the bride and groom may be asked. To make the party more interesting, a wedding dress with toilet paper may be made.


Showers parties are nothing, but fun and frolic.  An enjoyment that need a lot of planning and organization in advance, but they have a worth. The bride and groom receive practical gifts for their home.

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