Blessing Stones For A Beach Wedding Ceremony

It is an easy way to gather all the family members & friends in a simple and valuable occasion. It makes the ceremony meaningful.

Warm wishes for a new couple

One generation back the guests throw grains or rice for the newly wed couple. The importance for this tradition was to show the fertility or successfulness of the bride & groom. Therefore guests pray for the good health and well wishes for the couple’s future. There are other ways to show your well wishing, in place of throwing rice people shower birdseed, bubbles, flower petals or confetti.

Blessing Stones For A Beach Wedding Ceremony


Beach wedding blessing stones give the same meaning for the newly wed couple, to show their well wishes with warm sentiments.

Tossing blessing stones

Tossing stones Is nothing, but to throwing the stones into the water for blessing. It is just like showering rice. Every guest tosses a stone in water, for well wishing of the new couple. It should be decided before that the blessing will be silent or spoken aloud. The blessing also depends upon the size of the wedding. If the wedding is small, everyone likes to choose spoken blessings, while the silent blessings may be arranged for extra large wedding.

Here raises a question that from where blessing stones could be collected, we guide you on this place.

a) During the wedding reception, make a request to your guests to pick a stone from the shore & throw it in water. It will be better to inform your guest in advance that they have to collect stone themselves.

b) There is an option that your collect stones wash them keep them in plastic dish and then place them near the shore with a space, where the ceremony will take place. Guest could make a line then throw them with blessing in water.

c) You may place a stone with blessing for every individual.

d) Distribute every individual a stone and then request him to toss it in water.

e) Bride & groom can select a special stone for themselves and may recite any impressive blessing for their guests and the family members who passed away.

f) Stones may be filled into the glass bowl or vase, and kept as centerpiece on table.

g) Nowadays blessing are available in market and are coming in various colors. If you will put them in glass vase, it will give a pretty look.

Sentimental value

It is not necessary to throw the blessing stones into the water, as an alternate attach a card with every stone and let the guests to write their blessing on the card, and then place them on the table. For writing purpose use a paper cut out.

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