Wedding Shower Cake

Surely in a wedding ceremony the bride is the main figure and all the faces turns towards her.
The invites guests look at her wedding gown, her make-up style and her movements, how she walk, how she talk and what she is doing. Everything of her becomes topic of the town. Between all the other items wedding shower cake is the centre figure and everybody keenly takes interest in it.


wedding shower cake
Usually this event is celebrated before the wedding day. The bride and her maid become very much happy and enjoy this occasion, because this is specially arrange in their honor. Naturally the night before the wedding becomes fantastic and graceful. Everybody remember it for a long time.

In a wedding shower cake celebration party all the friends and close relatives gather together to show their love and passions. The bride cut the cake and the well-wishers enjoy, eat, drink and dance. Thus the shower cake is very famous and popular among all.

The wedding cakes may be purchased from any confectionery store. They come in different size, shapes, colors, designs and flavors.

The most common wedding shower cakes are the carbon copy of the outstanding gown of the bride. The color, attractive designs, or the   embroidery on her gown are also copied on the wedding shower cake.

The size and the lair of the cake depend on the number of the guests you have invited. If they are less in number, you can order for a single-layered cake, but for a huge gathering you can order for a multi-layer cake. The topper of the cake may be ribbons, bows, flowers, bouquet of flowers.

At present the decoration theme is very necessary. In the same way theme for wedding shower cake is essential. This theme may be beach-theme. Don’t worry about the decoration of the cake; it may be decorated with editable butterflies, flowers as tulips and daisies. It may be decorated with editable pearls, sugar berries.
For cake toppers you may select crystal toppers, music toppers and religious toppers, if you like. The flavor of the cake may be according to choice of bride that is Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, coconut and butter-cream or what so ever she likes.

Unique ideas
1-    You can decorate the cake with your own ideas. For example, the design of the gown may be the shape but you can bring a change in the colors, which may be white,   violet, black and white.
2-     If the bride is religious-mind you may order for the church shape cake. Then a crystal topper likes Cross, Love verse on bible and Ceramic Cross may be used.
3-     If you are choosing for a towel cake, you can order for small colored cup cakes with different flavors which may be the taste of your guests.
4-     All of us know that butterfly represents eternal beauty, so why not butterfly? Order for a butterfly-shaped colored shower cake, that may be decorated with iced fondant
and edible small colorful butterflies.

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