Alcohol Problems at Weddings And Their Solutions

Most of the people when didn’t hold a glass of Champagne or signature cocktails they didn’t recognized the occasion. The alcohol gives the color of unforgettable festive atmosphere, which may lead to a great headache. The guests who drinks and then drive create horrible problems of alcohol. Here are solutions for these problems at wedding:

♫ 1- Adopt a policy

It depends upon the wise and elegant host of the party to control his honorable guest for drinking in a limited quantity. He should have trained and smart bartenders. The host should have to adopt a policy, which every body have to follow. Like some restaurants have a policy in this regard that always offers a drink, propose for the second, if the guests ask for the third, and serve him. After some time when he forces to ask for the fourth, serve him. But refuse for the fifth. On this neat and clean policy the bartender know very well that how to control a particular guest and push him towards the door, whether that is sexy Samantha or frantic Frederick.

 ♫ 2-Cut off the troublesome individuals

After drinking, not all of the guests become bully; they are only one or two in family. Alert your bartenders, manager and the other staff members to have an eye over that particular individual. If he is going to be ill mannered and ruining the romantic atmosphere of the party, and going out of control from the staff, then take help from the bride’s father. Unruly guest may be controlled by any honorable personality. If you will be already alert then you will be save from the ugly scenes after.

♫ 3-Not to serve the appetizers

Serving the alcohol is a tradition; in cocktail parties you serve also the food to the guests. But make a surety that you are not serving the appetizers. When the host tries to save the money, he makes a mistake and serves the appetizers, which outcomes ugly. When the dinner comes on the table the guests bang & boom with others.

It is not necessary to serve alcoholic drinks all the time; you may serve even alcohol free items on the bar. Put a small board and tell your guests that you are serving the alcohol free items also. There will a choice for the guest to take those items as well. As a result the scenario will not give a bad picture.

♫ 4-Driving after drinking

When a long sitting party is arranged on wedding occasions, people go through a lot of drinking. As a result when they drive they smash and face an accident. To avoid these life ending circumstances, you can arrange   the shuttle service between reception and the hotel, where the guests are staying. Make it round trip. It may take every guest to the ceremony, so that the guest will leave his or her car ultimately at the hotel. But any individual has drunk and then driving, give him a favor and get him safely to his home.

When you arrange a handsome wedding party don’t allow any of your troublesome guests to sabotage it by over drinking and after party took unsafe majors to make a tragedy on road. The party can be serving with alcohol but avoiding without any nasty problem.



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