Asian Wedding Flowers

Asian weddings and Asian Wedding Flowers are famous due to their rich and vibrant colors and themes. To give a colorful look to the wedding ceremony, asian flowers of different colors are used to enhance the beauty of wedding occasion. Bright colors are considered as the symbol of happiness and being blessed. Red color is considered a symbol of good fate and pure love for the brides in Asia. There are so many flowers of different colors that are being used in Asian weddings but most common colors that are used are red, pink and white.

Lets see how Asian Wedding Flowers are being used in Asia for decorating their wedding ceremonies.

Calla Lilies – Asian Wedding Flower
There are many flowers used in Asia on wedding occasions like lilies, roses, frangipanis and others. Calla lilies are the most popular flowers to make a bouquet for the bride. Calla lilies are traditionally spring flowers. These asian wedding flowers are also used to make the centerpiece decoration. White lilies look very elegant and their beauty makes them stylish one even if they are used alone. Calla lilies are available in the shades of purple, yellow, orange, red and white. This flower is a symbol of beauty.

Gardenias flowers belong to the coffee family. It is popular as a wedding flower due to its white color. It is considered a symbol of secret as well as sweet love. This flower is also taken as a symbol of good luck.

Hydrangea is a symbol of heartlessness and understanding. These are fluffy flowers and add a smooth touch to the ceremony look. These asian wedding flowers are available in blue, red, dark purple, light purple and pink colors.

Lilly – Asian Wedding Flower

Lilly conveys the messages of happiness, love, sweetness and good fortune. One legend says that the production of this flower is due to Eve’s tears when she and Adam were driven from the Eden garden. These flowers flourish in the cool regions.
Plumier flower have a close relationship with nature and ocean. Hawaiians consider this flower a symbol of spring. Due to this thinking, they associate it directly with life and procreation. Plumier is a white flower but verities come in different colors like red, yellow or pink.

Orchids – Asian Wedding Flowers

Orchids are also beautiful wedding flowers. They have many colors and styles. They are delicate, graceful and exotic. They represent love, strength and beauty. Orchids were associated with virility while in Victorian era; it is a symbol of luxury. From the Victorian era to till now, it is considered a symbol of luxury. Orchid represents the delicate beauty. Pink orchid reflects the pure affection. They use in bride’s bouquet, bride’s hair and corsages.

The Stephanotis is a flower of happiness in marriage and a desire to travel. It is an evergreen vine. They are used in Asian wedding to enhance the fragrance of the occasion. Usually these flowers are available only in white color.

Different tulip colors represent the different meanings. Yellow tulips are considered as the symbol of cheerful thinking. White tulips are the symbols of forgiveness. Purple represents the royalty and the red tulip is the symbol of perfect love.

Rose – Asian Wedding Flower

Rose is a symbol of love, perfection as well as passion. Rose comes in large variety of colors.

Its different colors and arrangements represent its different symbolisms. If you take bridal roses, it means a happy love. An arrangement of multicolor means grace while burgundy symbolizes for unconscious beauty. White rose represents innocence and purity. Red roses represent the expression of pure love. Red color symbolizes the romantic love. Pink roses are used to add elegance and sweetness in your wedding. If you use light pink roses, it will show joy and admiration. Yellow roses mean gladness, delight and friend

ship. Bright orange color is considered as a color of warmth as well as energy. Every color holds its own history and importance for the wedding decoration. It is up to wedding organizer’s choice, season or availability what flowers are used in theme decoration.

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