Blue Wedding Flowers

As concerns the choice of flowers for your wedding occasion, there are many flowers that can be used as wedding flowers. Blue color is considered as the symbol of unity and trust, therefore blue wedding flowers are the great choice as your wedding theme. Blue wedding flowers can add elegance and sophistication to your ceremony due to the blue tone. One thing is also true about the blue color that this is one of the harder colors to match exactly. There are different types of flowers with varying shades from pale baby blue to dark blue-green.
There are so many types of blue wedding flowers as follows:
• Bachelor Button
• Butterfly Bush
• Bayberry
• Plumbago
• Flax
• Columbine
• Tulips
• Hibiscus
• Phlox
• Berries
• Juniper
• Lupine
• Sweet Pea
• Lobelia
• Morning Glory
• Veronica
• Statice
• Hydrangea
• Monkshood
• Delphinium
Green and purple colors are complementary colors to the blue flowers. Addition of these flowers to your arrangements will give them an understated look. Touch of purple color will add a sense of richness to the shades of blue color. To enrich the blue color flowers, silver accent can be used like ribbons or vases. If you add some cream colors like ivory, it will tone down the brighter shades for a delicate look. Arrangement of blue wedding flowers will give the feelings of trust and stability to your ceremony.
If you want to arrange single color flower with blue, use custom dyed silk flower to get a one-color arrangement without taking any tension about blues clashing with each other.
If you want to use darker shades of blue like indigo or navy, add yellow flowers to light the blue shade and it will give graceful look to your wedding flower arrangement. To decorate the reception area in a unified look, add Iris flowers in blue and yellow colors.
Flowers arrangement will give impressive look to your wedding if you make decoration according to the season. Keep in mind which flowers can be available in the season in which you are going to have a wedding. As there are four seasons majorly, you can choose your wedding flowers according to the season which will give innovative and impressive look. Let’s start with the flowers available in the spring.
March, April and May are months, you will find full of bloom. Spring season is viewed as a time of new life and considered as a start of better things. Delphinium, blue lilac, anemone and blue phlox are available in this season. If you hold delphinium and anemone in your bouquet, these flowers will considered as hearty flowers. Other described flowers can be used as accent flowers for off-white bouquet of roses.
Now we come to the summer season. Although, summer is a hot season, but most of the times, it is considered as popular time for wedding. Most popular choices of blue wedding flowers for this season are blue lilac and hydrangeas.
Autumn is a season that brings distinct changes in the season. September, October and November are the months of autumn. To make an autumn bouquet, bright blue irises with their yellow accent will be an eye-popping flower choice. A blue aster which is delicate flower, will give an impressive look if it paired with white hydrangea.

Winter is one of the most romantic times of the year for your wedding. There is no need to worry because the blue wedding flowers are still available in winter season. December, January and February are the months of winter season. You can find that the flowers like Anemone and Forget Me Not as popular winter wedding flowers. If you make a pair of Forget Me Not’s with mini white roses, it will give an unforgettable brilliance. Blue Hydrangea is also available in the winter season.
There are some flowers that remain available throughout the year. There are some gorgeous flowers to add a perfect touch to your blue wedding as they available throughout the year. These flowers are Blue Hydrangeas, Blue Tinted Roses, Bachelors Button, Blue Tinted Carnations and Delphinium. All these flowers will give a gorgeous look to your wedding bouquet and centerpieces. Delphinium makes an awesome contrast with white roses.
Silver, white and ivory are the best accent color with blue. For a classy touch, add silver tinting with eucalyptus. It will give an amazing and elegant look to your ceremony.
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