Church Wedding Decoration

Church wedding decoration is a way that makes your special day the most special. Everyone who gets married wants to make his/her day one of the most memorable day throughout his/her life. Therefore the decoration on a wedding occasion is a very sensitive as well as critical topic. This issue could not be ignored anyway as it is the most important day of life. Therefore someone should choose right church wedding decoration to place inside as well as outside the house of worship. As the church wedding decoration is the most important topic, but there is no need to worry about this matter, because by paying attention to some points you can manage it in a better way and can get rid of the decoration tensions.

Along with the flowers, other material could also be used in a church wedding decoration to enhance the decoration of the ceremony. To add a breathtaking effect to the ceremony, tulle swags could be hanged on the walls. It will give a cool, welcoming and impressive effect if you decorate the doors of the church with the flower garlands and streamers. We know that most of the churches have the same design and architecture. You can make decorations as you want but keep in mind that the church is a religious place and your decoration should not disturb the purity of the place.

To make the church wedding decoration in easiest way, my suggestion is to consider each section of church as a separate part. When you divide the parts of church in different sections, it will be easy for you to decorate them in an impressive and good manner. Entries and exits, ceiling and doors, aisles and pews can be decorated according to your own taste. All described things must be decorated in such a manner that these should reflect the theme of the wedding as well as religious believes. So, let’s start with the aisle.

It will be easy for you if you choose a theme. In this way you can easily make your decorations according to your wedding theme. Your decorations will not look dull if you make them according to the theme. There are many themes like tulle theme, balloon theme, flower theme and candle themes etc. Let’s discuss some points on balloon theme.

Welcome Gate Decoration – Church Wedding Decoration

For the wedding decoration for church entrance, take 3 feet tall stands and put them on the sides of church doors. Make beautiful arrangement of balloon on the entrance gate and path. With bright colored ribbon, wrap the whole stand in an impressive manner. Tie the balloons with ribbons making their bows. You can also put a table near the entry door. Flowers, pen and guest book should be placed on the table. It is not a bad idea to place a picture of bride and groom. In this way you can increase the beauty of your entrance path. It will draw the attention of your guests.

Aisle Decoration – Church Wedding Decoration

To add a touch of your personality and beauty to your wedding, create aisle decoration in a graceful manner as it reflects your personality. Create an arch out of balloons according to the bouquet of bride. If you want to give a crystal look to the balloons, you can use translucent balloons. The aisle can have a single row of balloons held together with some colorful bright ribbon.

Pew Decoration – Church Wedding Decoration

For the decoration of pews in impressive manner, tie a balloon arch to every third row of pews. Take three inches wide velvet ribbon and pass it through the rows of pews. Make a bow with the same ribbon and attach it to the pews.

Gazebo Decoration – Church Wedding Decoration

You can place different decorative items around the gazebo matching with the wedding theme. You can place the bundles of balloons around the gazebo that match the bride’s flower bouquet and your wedding theme.

Seating Arrangement – Church Wedding Decoration

Seating arrangement is very important for a wedding. You should keep some points in your mind for the seating arrangements.

• First row on the left should be free for the mother and father of bride.

• Similarly, row on the right should be reserved for the mother and father of groom.

• The rows behind the special guests on each side are allocated to close relatives of bride and groom.

• Try to keep the back row of wedding seating free if possible. Because it will be a suitable location for the late comers. In this way they will not interrupt your wedding proceedings.

Ceiling and Door Decoration – Church Wedding Decoration

Cover the entire ceiling with balloons in such a way that it should be look like a sea of balloons. You can add ribbons with the balloons that they remain in the range of guests and children to enjoy at the occasion. An important point is hidden in this decoration for you that is in such decoration you can cover your entire unsightly ceiling. You can also hang the balloons at your doors in impressive styles. Your balloon setting should be according to the atmosphere of your wedding and theme, that it should appeal the people.

Wall Decoration – Church Wedding Decoration

Wall decoration with balloons should be in such a way that clusters of balloons will create a shape to compliment to the wedding theme. For example, double heart wreath can make form balloons which will correspond with the wedding colors. It will also add a graceful look to your wall. You can make different shapes using balloons like butterflies, doves, bells or other wedding symbols as per your wish.

Centerpiece Decoration – Church Wedding Decoration

You can create an exquisite balloon bouquet for the decoration of your centerpiece. Ligature a bunch of three balloons by using the ribbons of different lengths. This balloon decoration will enhance your centerpiece.

Wedding Food Decoration – Church Wedding Decoration

Decoration of food table can make a simple food the luxurious one. You can decorate your food table in different ways like:  • You can decorate your buffet table by highlighting the individual dishes. • You can enhance the dishes by   varying the heights of dishes with a multi level display. • Your food arrangement should be in such a manner that your guests easily access the food without stretching each other. • You can arrange food attractively by using contrast colors of trays with foods.In different ways you can decorate your occasion with the balloons. But be careful, because the imperfect decoration will lose the beauty of the ceremony.

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