Fall Wedding Decoration

Fall is a very romantic and wonderful time to have a wedding as it is considered a special time of the year. Fall is a harvest time therefore it needs to be careful about the choice of wedding theme. It is not an issue how to make fall wedding decorations. You don’t need to worry about this topic. You can make your fall wedding memorable for your guests with impressive decoration theme.

Fall is a season when we see different shades of rich yellow, oranges, peach and browns everywhere. These colors can help you to choose your wedding theme and color scheme. You can have a yellow and brown color scheme for your fall wedding decoration. Starting from entrance, you can make an arch of dried leaves along with flower petals. Daisies, sweet williams and colorful mums are good option to make your wedding decorations. You can place lamps and lights wrapped in paper or clothes of different colors according to your wedding theme. You can also make flower decoration on these lights. This color scheme will be a perfect match to your fall season.

Combination of flowers and ribbons can enhance your fall wedding decorations. Your wedding reception hall can be made beautiful and attractive with impressive flower decoration. You can use small bouquets of flowers tied with ribbons. Place them in different places on dinner tables.  You can also wrap your spoons with ribbons. Plates can also be decorated with fresh fallen autumn leaves.

Centerpiece can be decorated with attractive arrangement of flowers and ribbons of selected theme color. Make a bouquet of flowers and add some fresh autumn leaves in it. Now make a bow of dark brown ribbon on this bouquet and place it on your center table. You can make your center table bouquet according to your size of table. This would be special for your Fall Wedding Decoration.

Pew decoration is also very important that can not be neglected. You can also decorate your pews in the same way. On each pew, you can place a medium size bouquet of flowers. Ribbon decoration with flowers enhances the beauty of pews. Mixing of some leaves and curved wire can make it more attractive.

Your gazebo will look very nice with this combination. You can make small bunches and place those on different suitable places of gazebo. Wrap front four pillars of gazebo with strips of autumn leaves and place bouquet of flowers on each of the pillar. It will really represent a great look.

For wall wedding decoration, garlands of leaves and flowers are a nice choice to give an elegant touch. In the same manner your ceiling can be decorated nicely. You can hang strips of autumn leaves and let those strips free to flutter in air.

Normally vases are used in weddings but instead of some traditional vases, pumpkin vase can give a different touch to your wedding according to the theme. Pumpkins can be hollowed out. Fill them with flowers and different fragrant herbs. It will make your atmosphere very romantic due to its fragrance.

Bride’s bouquet should also match the wedding theme. Choose flowers with combination of orange and brown colors for bride’s bouquet. You can add some autumn leaves in it to match with your wedding theme.

We hope these tips will help you in your fall wedding decoration tasks.

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