Spring Wedding Flowers

Spring is a very beautiful and colorful season and it is a time of rebirth. It is a time when colors of earth come back to life. Spring is a perfect time for those adventures that a marriage brings with it. Marriage is considered the beginning of new life. Thus spring wedding flowers symbolize the advent of fresh way of life. Spring reveals the end of winter gloom. In the same way it reveals the burst of summer warmth.

Flowers play very important role in wedding settings and theme for the big day. If you are going to have a wedding in spring season, a wide variety of flowers is available for floral arrangements. On your spring wedding occasion, flowers bless the couple for happy nuptial. Common spring wedding flowers are Forsythia, Daffodils, Primrose, Daisy, Lily, Poppies, Hyacinth, Wisteria, Iris, Magnolias, Pansy, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Calla Lily and Jonquils.

Branches of flowering trees can also be used with wedding flowers and play very important role in wedding. Branches of fruitful trees like orange, peach and apple have sweet smelling blossoms. Branches of these trees used in decorations as a part of floral decoration. Growing barriers can also be used to complement the mixture of spring flowers. Decoration with spring wedding flowers along with the barriers creates an attractive scene of fulfillment. Spring wedding flowers are delicately colorful.

Most important flowers of spring are Daffodils, Roses and Tulips. These are very nice and attractive flowers. Tulips are available in wide range of colors like pink, yellow, white, blue, orange, purple and red. Daffodils are available in white and bright yellow. These flowers can be used with several other spring flowers to create a masterpiece.
Spring wedding flowers are not only used in decorations but also used in bridal floral accessories. In the same way spring wild flowers can be used for the decoration of bride’s hairdo. Arrangement of these flowers in impressive and delicate manner can make your wedding memorable and eye-catching to your guests.

As we know that spring is most popular season among the people for wedding celebrations. Your wedding theme and color should be appropriate according to the spring season. You should be careful about colors that you are going to add in your ceremony. These colors must be according to spring season. It means that these colors should be suitable for spring. Then according to your theme and color selection, you can choose your spring wedding flowers appropriately. Most popular spring colors are lemon yellow, sky blue light pink and other lighter shades. These colors are considered soft shades for spring. Your floral arrangement in these shades can add elegant, soft and graceful look.

Combination of light colored spring flowers for your bridal bouquet will give a soft touch. Spring flowers are available in dazzling array of colors. To give a unified look to ceremony, your spring flower’s color must coordinate with your overall color scheme and theme of wedding. Pastel shades look nice for flowers of spring. But in my point of view, you should choose such colors that appeal you and look suitable according to your wedding theme.

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