Tulle Wedding Decorations

Tulle is the most versatile material of decoration. Tulle decoration theme offers you versatility and affordability, and makes your wedding look gorgeous. It is inexpensive and available almost everywhere in all colors. They are durable, too. Tulle wedding decoration is most commonly used to enhance the beauty of wedding ceremony in many impressive ways. This theme is used in reception venue decoration, wedding reception chairs, reception table centerpieces, bridal bouquets, pews and so on. For your wedding tulle based theme, some ideas are described here for your convenience:

  • You can add extra beauty to your aisle using tulle with flowers. For an outdoor wedding you can enhance the beauty of walkway with tulle decoration. Take flower stands and place one bunch of flowers on each of the stand. Then tie the tulle piece on each stand and let the fabric flutter in air. This arrangement will look very elegant.
  • According to your wedding theme, place the bows of tulle on your pews with fresh flowers. It will give a romantic touch to your wedding decoration.
  • Gazebo that is very important part of wedding ceremony can not be neglected anyway. Tulle decoration can be used in nontraditional ways in your gazebo decorations. You can cover front pillars of gazebo by wrapping it with tulle. For more decoration, place one bunch of flowers on each post.
  • For impressive look, use of tulle on centerpiece can be a great idea. You can place tulle around your centerpiece according to your choice. There is a need of your own creativity that your arrangement of tulle on centerpiece should look elegant, not overwhelmed. If you are going to use bouquet of flowers as a centerpiece then wrap the vase of bouquet with tulle and place a nice little bow on it.
  • You can decorate your lighting combining with tulle, too. Wrap tulle around each light in a stylish way but carefully. Place bows of tulle on each light. It will look very nice and romantic.
  • Wedding chairs and dinner tables also look nice with tulle decoration. Bows of tulle can be placed on the back of each chair. In same way, tables can also be decorated with tulle. Use tulle around the table by making a boundary.
  • Cake decoration with tulle also looks very beautiful. Cover the bottom cake layer with tulle and place this tulle around the edges of table, too.
  • For wall decoration with tulle, attach hooks on the walls. Make medium sized bows and place these on each hook. It will look like a fairy-tale theme. It will add a romantic look to your wedding ceremony.
  • You can enhance the beauty of ceiling as well. For too high ceilings, gather material you want to decorate with and attach them in center. Let the material hang from ceiling.
  • For indoor wedding decoration, tulle decoration can be used on stairs. Take netted piece of fabric and wrap it around your stair’s grill. You can also put small flower vases on stairs wrapped in tulle. Decoration of these vases can also be enhanced by placing small tulle bows on each of the vases.
  • Decoration of doors and windows in an indoor wedding plays very important role. Tulle decoration can make your doors and windows eye-catching for your guests if done in right way. You can attach flower holder on doors filled with flowers and place bows of tulle on each of holder. In the same way, you can place tulle on edges of windows. Let the fabric free to flutter on top edges of windows. It is really an attractive and eye-catching idea.
  • Bind your wedding bouquet with tulle. A small bow of silk ribbon or tulle will look very romantic and disciplined as well.
One more for you is that always try to make tulle wedding decorations using your own creativity. You can enhance your wedding place with your own creative ideas. Ideas can vary according to your affordability, area, time or some other factor.
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