White Wedding Flowers

White color is symbol of purity, innocence, kindness, glory and joy. White flowers are considered favorite for wedding because they reveal virginity. White is such a color that is a manifestation of all colors. If you choose white wedding flowers for your big day, these flowers will symbolize a fresh beginning in life. White color has a quality that it can be combined with any other color beautifully. It looks good and nice with any dress you wear.

There is not a single shade of white. Pearl, oyster, ivory and cream are also shades of white color. White roses look gorgeous in bouquets. There is a wide range of flowers with different sizes and shapes. I want to name here all white flowers that you can use in your white wedding theme. You can use these flowers to make your wedding floral decoration designs as well as bouquets.

Nicotiana, Purple Leaf Plum, Ornamental Pear, Rose of Sharon, Mock Orange, Celosia, Hydrangea, Butterfly Bush, Flamingo Flower, Snowball, Magnolia, Silver Lace, Clematis, Clover, Asters, Crabapple, Dogwood, Geraniums Almond, Chrysanthemums, Daisy, Morning glory, Iris, Poinsettia, Lily of the Valley, Canterbury Belles, Alyssum, Dusty Miller (Silver), Bachelor Buttons, Tulips, Gladiolas, Carnation, Pansy, Rose, Amaryllis, Tuberose, Caladuim, Calla Lily, Straw Flower, Pampas Grass, Bunny Tails, Cosmos, Moss Rose, Dahlia, Petunia, Monkey Flower, Zinnia, Hollyhock and Sweet Peas all these are white wedding flowers.

These white wedding flowers can be used to unify other flowers. Magnolia, type of white flower can add softness and romance to your wedding arrangements. If you use butterfly bush and bunny tails in your wedding theme, these flowers will add sophistication to your reception decorations. Flowering almond, ornamental pear or crabapple can also be excellent choices to highlight a wedding. Hydrangea is considered a perfect choice for bridal dress and bridal bouquet. Mock orange, hydrangea and dogwood make a fragrant and eye-catching bouquet.
White lilies with some green Foliage look gorgeous and beautiful. Lily of the valley is an attractive flower that can bring an air of novelty to your wedding. Morning glories can be a nice addition to your wedding with mixing of other flowers. Combination of white Tulips, Gerberas and Roses will look fabulous. Stephanotis is a fragranced white flower. This flower has been a popular addition to bridal bouquet due to its sweet fragrance. They can also be used in hair decoration and style.
Lilies have delightful fragrance. Showy flowers like Lilies and Anthuriums are best option to pedestal arrangements and reception arrangements. A large number of white wedding flowers are here for your table centerpiece decoration. Anemone, Amaryllis, Peony, Lisianthus, Gladioli Lilac, Tulips and Roses are suitable flowers for your table centerpiece decoration. Calla Lilies deserves specialty for table centers. In the same way, white roses are famous in hand-tied bouquets. Roses have numerous varieties with slightly different shapes and sizes.
White wedding flowers look absolutely fabulous if used in aisle decoration. Calla Lily is really an attractive flower and looks stunning with the addition of little green Foliage. The green color is soothing and relaxing color. If you are planning a white wedding theme and according to that theme your flowers are white then white flowers may be traditional. But it does not mean that you cannot bring uniqueness in their use.
List of flowers has been described; consider that white wedding flowers and try to bring versatility in your flower arrangements according to your theme. To make impressive arrangements and good use of flowers, you should consult your florist for better ideas. You can also take ideas about white arrangements from bridal magazines and garden books for your impressive wedding decoration with white flowers.
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